It took hard work. It took sacrifice. And it definitely took some privilege.

After crunching the numbers and realizing that our “manageable debt” had snowballed into $80,000, my husband and I took a quick descent into the social media rabbit hole in which people share their experiences paying off debt. When you’re staring at a figure as large as we were, who doesn’t want to be inspired by Instagram posts boasting about “paying off $200,000 in two weeks”? Although that wasn’t a real example, at least that I came across, it easily could have been: The internet is rife with success stories from people who eliminated consumer debt.

Fast forward a little more…

If most writers had a nickel for every time they heard the advice to “read more,” well, we’d all be making a good living as writers. Created to help writers improve critical reading and writing skills, Printing Press Book Club publishes book reviews and comments — including yours!

At this time, Printing Press Book Club is open to submissions along the lines of: book reviews, broader thoughts on writing inspired by specific books, praise for books that have affected your life and/or profession. That said, try us! …

A thriller that sacrifices thrill to setting the story.

Hans Christian Andersen was, as most of us know, a highly prolific author. Perhaps best-known these days for The Little Mermaid (thanks, Disney), his other famed tales include Thumbelina, The Ugly Duckling, The Princess and the Pea, and The Emperor’s New Clothes. Much less famous is his story The Marsh King’s Daughter, which is interwoven in Karen Dionne’s novel by the same name.

Although Dionne’s 2017 novel is wholly separate from the 1858 story, both pull from the theme that individuals must continually fight against dual natures. In Dionne’s version, the reader is presented with a compelling premise: Now in…

With these changes, hopefully headlines about effective paternity leave policies will feel more like news and less like fairytales by the turn of the next decade.

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images

From headlines about superior family policies around the world to talking points from candidates here in the United States, it sure feels like the topic of paid paternity leave is having a well-deserved moment.

Yet, the harsh reality is that only 29% of working fathers were offered some paid paternity leave in 2018, according to the latest figures from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) — and a significantly smaller percentage are able to take full advantage of those benefits.

That is why when we discuss paternity leave, we can’t focus on policies alone. …

Parents often get the message “this is what you signed up for,” which can make us keep the realities of sleep struggles to ourselves.

Mid adult woman sitting on bed drinking coffee whilst cradling new born baby daughter
Mid adult woman sitting on bed drinking coffee whilst cradling new born baby daughter
Photo: Peter Amend/Getty Images

Sleep deprivation really shows when you are that much quicker to snap at your partner. It shows when a task that should take 10 minutes takes twice as long because your mind is fuzzy. It shows when you “just don’t feel like yourself” day after day. It shows when you can’t seem to shake the symptoms of a cold.

“There is nothing in our daily lives in which sleep deprivation doesn’t have a negative effect,” says Whitney Roban, Ph.D., the sleep specialist behind Solve Our Sleep. “Sleep is considered the third pillar of health, along with diet and exercise.”


True connections take more than a double-tap

In the early days of new motherhood, it became a reflex to me: During any chance I had to sit down on the couch, I would open up Instagram and begin scrolling. As my own world felt largely restricted to the walls of my home — or the reaches of the park, the grocery store or a playdate, on a good day — I was hungry to see what was happening in the lives of other moms.

And right there in thumb-swiping distance were depictions of everything I was eager to have in my own life: carefree vacations, dates with…

Technology isn’t the only reason today’s parents feel pressure to be ‘always on’—here’s how we can better support them

As I paused to catch my breath a the top of the peak during a recent trail run, I pulled out my phone to take a picture of the incredible mountain views that surrounded me. But first, there it was: a text message that transported me straight back into the role of ‘mom’.

“What time do I lay the baby down again?” our caregiver for the morning asked.

While I answered, I was reminded yet again that parents are never totally off-duty — and that seems especially true due to the emergence of technology that keeps us ever-connected to our…

In the 10 months since my son’s birth, I’ve gotten into the best running shape of my life. From ascending 8,000 feet to cross a finish line atop Pike’s Peak in Colorado, to my current training for an ultra marathon, I’m accomplishing athletic feats I never before had the time to even consider.

But, as I’ve logged many of those miles, I’ve also had the time to consider something else: just how privileged I am to run so regularly and carelessly.

This is something that I grew up taking for granted. My parents were both runners, so weekend days were…

The Work-at-Home Mom is the present and the future

Baby Boom

These days, small talk when I’m out with my young child typically quickly turns to the question of whether I work or am a stay-at-home mom. The answer is actually Option C: I work from home.

That option wasn’t offered in a 2014 Pew Research Center poll of mothers. What the survey did find, however, was the number of women who identified as “stay-at-home mothers” was on the rise for the first time in years. I suspect that if “work-at-home” was a choice, it would have accounted for the shift — because, yes, if I was forced to choose, I…

Emily Glover

Freelance writer and editor. Formerly founding team member at Motherly. Presently getting through a pandemic with 3 young kids.

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